Safer Gambling Tips

If you choose to gamble, these tips can help you to reduce your risk of experiencing harms from your gambling.

Plan Ahead

If you have a big trip or special event coming up where you’ll be gambling, plan ahead, remember the guidelines and set your own personal limits.

Have a Financial Strategy

Keep in mind how much money you are able to spend on entertainment when deciding how much to gamble.

Make it Cash

When you gamble, consider leaving credit and debit cards at home. Bring your gambling limit with you in cash. The COVID-19 pandemic makes this strategy more difficult to use. There are also apps that can prevent your phone from making payments.

Smart Scheduling

When you intend to gamble, try to schedule activities directly afterwards. This scheduling will provide you a departure time and a time limit on your gambling.

Keep a Clear Head

Try to limit your consumption of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs while gambling.

Go Solo or in a Group?

Gambling with other people can affect how you gamble. It can influence what types of games you play, how much you bet and how long you gamble for. Think about how gambling with others or gambling alone might impact you.

Promote the Guidelines!

Help spread the word! Learn more about the different ways you can help promote the Lower-Risk Gambling Guidelines.

Promoting the Gambling Guidelines